Greetings from the Program Chairs

Catherine Eure, Graphic Design + Digital Media

A hallmark of both LCAD’s BFA program in Graphic Design + Digital Media and its graduates is a command of the critical thinking and creative skills required to excel in an ever-changing design landscape.Our program’s multidisciplinary approach recognizes that designers must develop solutions that move seamlessly across a dynamic and ever-shifting array of media.Students of LCAD’s GD+DM majors are visual problem solvers and transmedia communicators. Our GD+DM graduates are adept at traditional theory and lead in the most innovative uses of emerging technologies. An LCAD GD+DM portfolio will contain creative solutions for corporate ID; website, poster, and package design; UI/UX; 3D animation; virtual and augmented reality; digital video and after effects; action sports apparel; marketing; and social media. As a result, LCAD’s GD+DM program has been chosen as a top design program in the nation and has garnered collaborations with world-renowned industry leaders. These exclusive arrangements allow LCAD GD+DM students hands-on design and mentorship opportunities. We invite you to come meet our students, to see their innovations, and to learn more about our GD+DM program. In Fall 2019, LCAD is proud to launch its new BFA program in Extended Reality Design (XRD), one of the world’s first four-year degree programs in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR).

Dan Boulos, Animation

LCAD Animation students not only are great storytellers, animators, and designers, they also are top tier animation artists with creativity and vision. LCAD Animation students pass through a rigorous four-year program with a grounding in classical drawing and animation techniques. By offering a diverse range of coursework that includes storyboarding, character design, layout, modeling, 2D animation, CG animation, background painting, visual development, and more, we produce outstanding animators who excel in multiple pipeline specializations. Our students all reach a high level of accomplishment in traditional 2-D animation which translates directly into their work in CG animation and other digital techniques and culminates in the production of their own original animated film made during their senior year. If you are looking for a highly creative, team-oriented artist with a comprehensive knowledge of animation production, look no further than an LCAD Animation graduate. I am proud to present you with LCAD’s 2019 Animation graduates. They are ready to join your production teams and will hit the ground running. Please enjoy their outstanding work in the presentations they have prepared.

Gavin Rich, Game Art

Ranked 20th in the nation by the Princeton Review, LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art trains highly adaptive and collaborative game artists who are industry-ready for team development.As the states of the Game Industry and its manifold technologies advance, so do the skills of LCAD Game Art students. Trained to work adeptly on a variety of projects and at all stages of production, our 3D and Concept students are distinguished by their strong foundations in classical drawing techniques complemented by the highest levels of proficiency in the latest 3D software. LCAD’s reputation as an elite institution with a strong focus on educating team-ready game artists who are uniquely geared for production pipelines has garnered partnerships with some of the Game Industry’s top studios and top professionals. I invite you to witness firsthand the amazing work of LCAD’s most promising Game Art seniors and recent graduates who are eager to take their places on your teams, and, while you’re here, to experience the remarkable environment in which these extraordinary talents were honed.

Hope Railey, Drawing + Painting

LCAD’s BFA program in Drawing + Painting is distinguished by a philosophy that is grounded in classical traditions. Our Fine Arts curriculum was crafted carefully to provide the most effective learning experiences that result in the acquisition of skills needed to accurately portray still life, figures, portraits, landscapes, and group figures. LCAD is one of only a few dually accredited institutions committed to developing highly skilled representational figurative artists who graduate prepared to enter the competitive art market. LCAD’s Drawing + Painting alumni are accepted to the most competitive graduate programs, excel in the gallery market, earn private and public commissions, are arts educators, and work in museum and curatorial roles.

Michael Savas, Illustration

LCAD’s BFA programs in Illustration and Illustration in Entertainment Design equip students in the technical and conceptual abilities to compete and to excel in today’s competitive creative landscape. All LCAD Illustration students learn to cultivate their personal voices while learning skills germane to ever-changing visual markets. In addition to traditional subjects, such as visual storytelling, editorial, and illustrative painting, our students also learn new tools for entering the entertainment industry ranging from graphic novel, storyboarding for televisions and film production, character and environment design, production design, theme park design, and more.The professional illustrators who instruct LCAD’s BFA program in Illustration are leaders in their fields and include recipients of such prestigious industry accolades as Emmy® and Annie® awards. Our faculty pride themselves on mentoring their students and prepare them to enter the world of illustration through an ever-growing range of opportunities.

Todd Smith, Illustration in Entertainment Design

LCAD’s BFA programs in Illustration and Illustration in Entertainment Design provide students with a comprehensive skill set that combines concept design, visual development, and illustration, enabling them to create from their imaginations and to design worlds and characters for a variety of career opportunities within the entertainment industry. Students begin with a strong emphasis and foundation in traditional academic drawing and painting. These skills are then blended with the latest developments in digital drawing, painting and 3D sculpting techniques. Students put their skills into practice using real world design projects. The diversity of this major allows students the flexibility to work in film and television, feature animation, as well as themed entertainment design which includes theme park design, theatre and stage design, themed hotel and restaurant design and much more. We invite you to view the portfolios of our latest group of talented graduating seniors and to experience firsthand all that LCAD’s BFA programs in Illustration and Illustration in Entertainment Design have to offer.

Tim Pryor

Tim Pryor, Game Design MFA

Ranked 13th in the nation by the Princeton Review, LCAD’s MFA program in Art of Game Design cross-pollinates practicum with theory to create an accelerated learning path for making game career dreams a reality. Backed by a robust production pipeline in partnership with LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art and neighboring colleges, our graduates are creating games that are sustainable, economically impactful, and fun to play.


Peter Zokosky, Painting MFA

LCAD’s MFA programs in Drawing and Painting are designed to provide a supportive environment for artists who wish to address relevant subjects while fostering time-honored skills. These programs merge traditional techniques with effective personal expression in the contemporary world. Our program’s focus and agility enable us to meet the needs and desires of a diverse group of serious students.