Post Baccalaureate

Betty Shelton


Chair of Postbaccalaureate Program in Drawing + Painting

The Postbaccalaureate in Drawing + Painting at Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) is a one year, 30 unit program intended to prepare the student for professional activities or to progress to an MFA program in studio art. In accordance with LCAD’s aesthetic philosophy, our program focuses on the skills associated with representational drawing and painting. The Post-Bacc students draw on the resources of Laguna College’s focused BFA program in Drawing and Painting to address specific needs in their studio practice. Additionally, the Postbaccalaureate student takes Art History courses devoted to issues in representational art and earns independent study units with graduate faculty to afford an opportunity for individual research.

For more information or further discussion regarding LCAD’s Postbaccalaureate program and/or the programs’ students, please email Betty Shelton at