Artwork Credit: Angela Ramones

LCAD | Michael Savas


Chair of BFA Program in Illustration

LCAD’s BFA program in Illustration equips students with the technical and conceptual abilities to compete and excel in today’s competitive creative fields. All LCAD illustration students learn to cultivate their personal voices while learning skills germane to ever-changing visual markets. ​​Additionally, illustration students learn a diverse skill set that enables them to move their professional paths laterally into adjoining careers like Graphic Design, Entertainment and certain Animation jobs.

Our illustration graduates not only work in traditional areas like children’s books, comics, graphic novels, advertising, toy design, retail, and online commerce; they also work with, and alongside, those in graphic design, animation, game design and entertainment industries. The professional illustrators who instruct LCAD’s BFA program in illustration are leaders in their fields who take pride in mentoring their students as they prepare to enter the world of illustration.

 For more information and/or further discussion regarding LCAD’s BFA program in Illustration and its students, please email Michael Savas at