Graphic Design + Digital Media

Catherine Eure


Dean of Innovation

Chair of BFA programs in Graphic Design + Digital Media

LCAD’s BFA programs in Graphic Design + Digital Media (GD+DM) are consistently ranked in the top 10% of university and college design programs. GD + DM graduates are adept at traditional theory and the application of emerging technologies. The program’s core focus on critical thinking, problem solving and advanced creative skills prepare students to succeed and lead in industry. Our multidisciplinary approach recognizes that designers must develop solutions that move seamlessly across a dynamic and ever-shifting array of media.

An LCAD GD+DM portfolio will contain creative solutions for brand strategy and development; website, print and package design; UI/UX; 3D animation; virtual and augmented reality; digital video and after effects; action sports apparel; marketing; and social media. As a result, LCAD’s GD+DM program has garnered collaborations and partnerships with world-renowned brands. These exclusive arrangements allow LCAD GD+DM students hands-on design and mentorship opportunities. We invite you to see their innovations and to learn more about our GD+DM program. The program offers BFA’s in GD+DM, GD+DM with ACTION SPORTS, GD+DM with ILLUSTRATION. Additionally, we offer minors in UI/UX, Packaging, and Motion.

For more information and/or further discussion regarding LCAD’s BFA programs in Graphic Design + Digital Media, Graphic Design + Digital Media with Action Sports Emphasis, and/or Graphic Design + Digital Media with Illustration Emphasis and/or those programs’ students, please email Catharin Eure at