Game Art

Artwork Credit: Noah Alonzo

LCAD | Jason Oualline


Chair of BFA Program in Game Art

LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art, ranked 18th by the Princeton Review, is the only art school program in the top 30 Game Design programs in the nation. Our program trains highly adaptive and collaborative game artists who are industry-ready for team development. As the state of the game industry consistently advances in technologies and techniques, so do the skills of LCAD Game Art students. Trained to work adeptly on a variety of projects and at all stages of production, our 3D and concept students are distinguished by their strong foundations in classical drawing techniques complemented by the highest levels of proficiency in the latest 3D software. LCAD’s reputation as an elite institution with a strong focus on educating team-ready game artists who are uniquely geared for production pipelines has garnered partnerships with some of the industry’s top studios and professionals. I invite you to witness firsthand the amazing work of LCAD’s most promising Game Art seniors and recent graduates who are eager to join your teams, learn more about the remarkable environment in which these extraordinary talents were honed.

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