Experimental Animation

Artwork Credit: Laci Dontain (left), Anika Price (middle), Spencer Whalen (right)

LCAD | Glen Miller

Glen Miller

Chair of BFA Program in Experimental Animation

The Experimental Animation Department’s foundation is based on Story and Character Development and backs that up by training our students with industry standard tools and software utilized by those in modern animation production. From film, to television, streaming, multimedia, games and event-based content, our students are prepared to become leaders in our amazing art form and will become valuable team members for studios around the world. With first year training in classical, full hand drawn animation, our students then spend the majority of their time exploring hybrid 2D, 3D, and Stop Motion techniques and thinking outside of the box. We are excited by their work and believe you will be too.

For more information and/or further discussion regarding LCAD’s BFA program in Experimental Animation and its students, please email Glen Miller at gmiller@lcad.edu.