Entertainment Design

Zane Rupp
Artwork Credit: Zane Rupp

LCAD | Todd Smith


Chair of BFA Program in Entertainment Design

LCAD’s BFA program in Entertainment Design provides students with a comprehensive skill set that combines concept design, visual development, and illustration, enabling them to create from their imaginations and to design worlds and characters for a variety of career opportunities within the entertainment industry. Students begin with a strong emphasis and foundation in traditional academic drawing and painting. These skills are then blended with the latest developments in digital drawing, painting and 3D sculpting techniques. Students put their skills into practice using real world design projects. The diversity of this major allows students the flexibility to work in film and television, feature animation, game design, as well as themed entertainment design. We invite you to view the portfolios of our latest group of talented graduating seniors and to experience firsthand all that LCAD’s BFA program in Entertainment Design has to offer.

For more information and/or further discussion regarding LCAD’s BFA program in Entertainment Design and/or its students, please email ​Todd Smith at tsmith@lcad.edu.