Chair of BFA Programs in Animation + Experimental Animation

Students of LCAD’s BFA programs in Animation and Experimental Animation are not only great storytellers, animators, and designers, but they are also top tier animation artists with creativity and vision. LCAD Animation students pass through a rigorous four-year program with a grounding in classical drawing and animation techniques. By offering a diverse range of coursework that includes storyboarding, character design, layout, modeling, 2D animation, CG animation, background painting, visual development, and more, we help to produce outstanding animators who excel in multiple pipeline specializations. Our students all reach a high level of accomplishment in traditional 2D animation which translates directly into their work in CG animation and other digital techniques. This culminates in the production of their own original animated film made during their senior year. I am proud to present you with LCAD’s 2021 Animation graduates. They are ready to join your production teams and will hit the ground running. Please enjoy their outstanding work in the presentations they have prepared.

For more information and/or further discussion regarding LCAD’s BFA programs in Animation and/or Experimental Animation and/or those programs’ students, please email Dan Boulos at