Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) has been empowering generations of successful creatives since 1961. We’re proud to be the place where students with talent and dreams come to develop their creative and critical abilities. Aspiring artists and designers choose LCAD because we offer an educational environment that nurtures creativity, delivers high-level skills and equips each and every one of our students with the tools and critical thinking necessary to exceed the demands of the global creative industries. The curriculum of each of LCAD’s undergraduate majors has been refined to serve the most rigorous demands of both academia and industry.
Supported by a faculty of leading practitioners in their fields, each of these curricula is proven to ensure that our students are well equipped for futures as successful creatives.
I am proud to present these highly skilled and promising artists and designers to you. They bring an abundance of talent and will prove tremendous assets to your professional realm. I thank you for your confidence in choosing LCAD as a leading college of art and design, and for taking time to meet this year’s group of exceptional artists and designers who are poised to become your talented and dedicated peers.


Director of Career Services

Industry Open House (IOH) is a time-honored tradition at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD). This annual event hosted by LCAD Career Services provides a rare and exclusive opportunity for select industry professionals to access to the next generation of top professional artists and designers. LCAD’s BFA programs in Animation, Drawing + Painting, Drawing + Painting with Sculpture Emphasis, Drawing + Painting with Illustration Emphasis, Experimental Animation, Game Art, Graphic Design + Digital Media, Graphic Design + Digital Media with Action Sports Emphasis, Graphic Design + Digital Media with Illustration Emphasis, Illustration, and Illustration in Entertainment Design represent an important cross-section of our degree programs that are designed to ensure that ideas of all scopes and sizes are upheld by expert abilities. Our innovative foundational coursework bolsters first-year learning in all majors and serves as the educational bedrock for our students’ acquisition of all future program-specific skill sets. All LCAD students receive a sound liberal arts education that bolsters their preparations for careers in the professional world. I’m looking forward to introducing you to your company’s next great batch of recruits.